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Rough guidelines to photo and video services offered


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Convention onsite printing

We provide photography and printing on site at conventions. 


Instudio portraits start at $75 with an outfit change. Approximately an hour long photo session.


Place holder

Youtube videoes

Have an idea and want to create something for your YOUTUBE channel, reach out to us.


Batch photo edits - Recently do a event and have to many photos to edit? Let us help alleviate that pressure and workload.

Event Photographer

In most events you will receive the benefit of two photographers and the price will be negotiated depending on a multiple variables.

Event Videographer

Similar to event photographer you will have two videographers at your event. If you decide you need photo and video of your event, discounts can be discussed.


Free. Let's discussed your idea and see where we can go with it.

Social Media Education

Help you with your social media platforms, organization, current sitation and future plans. Helping you get more followers and get your information out to the world.