Fundy Fan Fest 2017

Last weekend I had the privilege to be the official photographer for Fundy Fan Fest held in Saint John, New Brunswick. It’s a festival for people to enjoy cosplay, artists, writers and meet celebrities. For it's first year the turn out was over whelming. I personally had a good time, met a lot great people and made some good connections with other creative talent. I am looking forward to working with a few of these people in the future.

Creative Lifestyles Studio was in charge of coverage for the event, the cosplay photo booth and celebrity photo opportunities, along with printing onsite. It was great to meet a ton of happy fans and delivery them a great high quality print.

Thank you to everyone who came out and all the amazing positive feedback we are getting. 

I also want to say thank you to the team who helped me out. It wouldn’t have been possible without you. It was a busy event and you all got through it. Bravo.

I had a few people reach out to me about my setup and thought I would share the info in a blog. First I started with lights; it was done with a two light set up, a large umbrella to light up my subjects and a light on the background to keep it white and to remove any shadows. My camera settings were set up to take in consideration for a group of up to 6 people,1/160 F5.6 400iso. My camera was tethered to Adobe Lightroom CC where I had my presets ready to go for editing. I only had a few seconds between photos to edit them. Presets really helped keep the photos consistent and to hit my style. Some photos might have needed a small adjustments but the work flow went quickly and smoothly. I was using a Canon Pixma Pro 10 and delivering 8x10 glossy photos to the fans. Over all everybody was very pleased with the results.

Kevin and Jason
ErickAvari and Jordon
sab110Friday Aug 27 Fundy Fan Fest-356.jpg
erick and anthony


Thank You.
Jordon Hollingsworth.